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Hey so with the rules we need to have a link to the website of the categories, ROG, SMITE etc...


So I tried doing this with a simple <a href="blah">I'm a link</a>


and it didn't work, any suggestions?


EDIT: I guess I should mention by "doesn't" work it seems to just open it with overwolf not the default web browser, not sure if that's OK or not

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I don't remember seeing that in the rules, were is it mentioned?


There was an update sent out by email to all the registered developers that this is a new change. If you didn't get this email (check for an email titled "NVIDIA App Challenge - Open Categories").


In a nutshell, we opened up the options for apps that are eligible for the related categories. If you create an app that is not relevant to any of the current categories you can still be eligible for that category if you brand your app with that category's logo and link to their site.


  • To be eligible for the Media API category your app must use the Overwolf Media API. Your app can be either branded or game related, both will go into that category.
  • All other apps that do not use the Overwolf Media API and are branded or game/category related will go into the respective Game Related category.
For example in the SMITE category:
  • Imagine Replay HUD had the SMITE brand and link to their site in the app it would go into the Media API Category
  • SmiteGuru would go into the Game Related category

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