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(First post in ages, Been so busy with Life! Good to be back though!)


So I really wanted Overwolf for fallout 4 ans so I was playing around with the Gamelist and all is working pretty much perfectly I think, there is a couple of issues with the cursor where it bugs out (hard to explain in text) but other than that stability wise is great! Obviously I know this is nothing new to the Overwolf team, I am sure they are working hard on official support. 

Just in case anyone is interested here is what I added but just a side note some of these tags may be useless and yield better results without them but for me this is fine and also this is not an officially supported game so doing this may cause crashing or even stop your game from loading. 
  <GameTitle>Fallout 4</GameTitle>
  <GameRenderers>D3D9 D3D10 D3D11</GameRenderers>
  <LauncherDirectoryRegistryKey>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout4\Installed Path</LauncherDirectoryRegistryKey>
  <GameGenres>Action_Open-World Shooter_First-Person Role-Playing_Action-RPG</GameGenres>
Enjoy :)

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