Tail game log in Overwolf App

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I want to tail the Hearthstone Power.log out of my Overwolf App to get info about game events.


Here's my code:

plugin().getTextFile(logPath, false, function (status, data) {
      if (!status) {
        console.log("No Power.log file found.");
      else {

Now this works just fine, if I don't have Hearthstone open. But when I have it open, the status is false...


So what I have to cope with is:

1) Accessibility when the file is used by another program

2) Tailing a file instead of just getting it's current data


I am pretty sure this is possible with Overwolf somehow, because Heartharena does exactly that.


Would be really grateful for some help. :) Thank you.

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Please use the plugin version from this branch:


It now has these two methods:

plugin.listenOnFile("id", "filename", skipToEnd (true/false), function(id, status, data) {
  if (status) {
  console.log("File " + id ": " + data);



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