false positive for "Replay is already capturing."

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Today I have been working and testing my app a lot and it was working without any issues to speak of. Then out of the blue it started giving me the "Replay is already capturing." error and none of my recordings were saving anymore.


I closed and reopened the app, but immediately upon calling turnOn() I got the "Already turned on." error.


I should mention that I did not have any other Overwolf apps installed and I don't have ShadowPlay or any other recording software set up. (I mention this because one of my beta testers had the same issue and disabling ShadowPlay + restarting his computer fixed it.)


I ended up reinstalling Overwolf and deleting everything in AppData/Local/Overwolf. I did not restart my computer, but after reinstalling Overwolf I installed my app and it has been working normally since.


This is giving me a great amount of paranoia because I don't have the vaguest notion what caused it.


Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Edit 1: now I'm getting this as an error when I try to call turnOn() after launching the app:

Object {status: "error", error: "Could not start recording.", description: "START_STREAMING_ERROR_ONE_INSTANCE_ALLOW"}

Edit 2: I cleared the cache and it didn't fix the problem so I restarted my computer and it hasn't happened again . . . yet.

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