[Skin] Spinwolf (Darkwolf edit)

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This is the first skin that I publish. Here's a video:
And if the download does not work here's a mirror:
Feel free to add me! Username: Mountlion


Base skin: FloydHunter - Darkwolf V2.00
Can be found here:
Sound: Overwolf team - Nvidia skin and ROG skin
Fps: FloydHunter - Wildstar skin
Can be found here:
Cursor: Overwolf team - Star Trek Online skin


Edited by Mountlion

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The main part of the dock, the part labeled CompactToRegular, looks oddly similar to one of my skins; Darkwolf V2. The lighting on it is in the exact same spot, so it made me wonder if you just put a colour overlay over it to try and hide that fact. The transparency of the compact(before any animation starts/any hovering of mouse over dock) image, the thickness of the border around said image plus the lighting's position is pretty too coincidental if you ask me.


Also, the FPS image being used within the skin download is the exact same image as my WildStar skin's FPS image. After some searching via my skin library, I also found that those sound files are from the GeForce skin.


Basically this skin is a thrown together, barely edited version of two of my skins and the Nvidia skin - with the only thing that stands out about it being the icon spinning animation. I honestly don't mind too much, but at the same time, if you're going to use other people's work, then credit them. Especially if you only lightly modify them to this extent. We took the time to try to create something, from scratch, after all. This isn't really a complaint from me, and to be honest I don't think the Overwolf Team would be too upset about the audio being used. This is just more of a word of advice.


For me, personally, and as a future reference, I never said on any of my skins that it was okay to just use them as you(future Overwolf Skinners) see fit. That being said, simply asking me ahead of time - be it via messaging or adding me on Overwolf to send me an IM to get the okay - would of sufficed.

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