How do i download a skin??

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There are two ways for the Skin Creators to do this. Most people give a zip file, so we will go with that method first.


To apply a skin for Overwolf, you need to take it out of the zip file. Generally, it doesn't matter where its placed, so long as you find the proper location. Its a good idea to NOT save them in the same folder that Overwolf is - which is in the %appdata%/local folder. If for some reason you need to remove Overwolf, or do a fresh install, that area get's wiped - an in turn, so would all your skins.


So, as an example, I save mine in my documents under a folder called Overwolf Skins:




This is how I save them. I make a folder for them, call it w.e they are named, then from the ZIP file, drag the folder that is usually labeled 1.0 or 1.1 or whatever the version number into that folder. As an example; here is the contents of the folder for the Overfox skin:




If the Skin Creator didn't make the ZIP file have the skin name as a root folder for the skin, you can do so yourself. It's not necessary by any means to do this, but it makes it much more easy to remember which skin is which if you're installing multiple skins.


After that, you need to find the skin. For that, you need to go to the Overwolf settings, and click on Support, then click on Development Options:




Which will bring you to a page that looks like this:




Once there, you need only click [Load unpacked extension...] and search for the skin. The folder you NEED to select is the numbered one. So in the case of Overfox, you need to choose the 0.9 folder. Doing so will add the skin to you library and then you're done.


There's an easier way to install skins, but it depends on if the Skin Creator makes an OPK file for it or not. OPK files are basically installers that allow for people to simply install a skin without the hassle of the above. They work just like any other installer, double click to run it, then its done. It should automatically add itself to your skin library. 


Hope this helps.

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