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Hi there! 

I'm here to report a couple bugs I've encountered and ask a few questions regarding compatibility.

The only other overlay I use is Curse Voice, but I've reproduced these bugs with Curse turned off as well.


OS: Windows 8 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i7-4790

RAM: 12gigs

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745

If anymore info is needed please ask.


The fist bug I've found is that if you don't launch League of Legends with Overwolf, then Replay HUD doesn't work and causes League of Legends to crash when it switches you to in game. It gives you a black screen, and the first time it crashed my graphics card drivers. Those are updated btw.

Now if that's not a bug and apps aren't supposed to work without using OW to launch the game then disregard that.


The second bug is that even if I'm not using any OW apps, whenever OW is running-- whether I launched League of Legends with OW or not-- the in game League client is not recognized by OBS Studio. I can set it up as a source but it will not display.

Even if I disable the overlay and without any apps running. I understand the programs aren't compatible at this point, but they shouldn't effect each other like that.


Lastly, I just wanted to know if there's any plans to make a plug-in to add compatibility to OBS Studio? I'd love to help make that if I wasn't an idiot with program design and coding, I don't mean to be demanding.

OBS Studio is so much nicer than regular OBS, but OW adds nice components to my stream that I really don't want to give up.



I included my log files in case they're needed. Thank you for reading.


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