Let's have a word about all the accounts needed

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There is the client-account (that is optional afaik)

There is the forum-account

There is the freshdesk account


and all of them are seperated.


Imo that makes it way less likely that users take part in the forums and give feedback through freshdesk. And it's a general annoyance for some users.


I use a password-manager, so in general i don't care, but the accounts also are not linked in any way.

If there were only 1 account needed for all the services a user could need from overwolf that would be a huge step to grow the community-anticipation. Additionally it would open up possibilities like integrating the Forum into the client to increase the community activity even more.


As it is now there is no real incentive for regular users to create a forum account and to take part in it. And why would they? If support tickets on freshdesk will become the norm (I think you don't need an account for that) then there is no reason to even create a forum account anymore. Of course Im not talking about people that like to use forums anyways, but about the casual player who propably doesn't even want to have to remember the overwolf-client password


Just some thoughts about improving the community and getting more feedback from players.

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Didn't I also register as a Developer? And didn't I also give my skype name and my telephone number to selected people in the Overwolf Team? I really, really, reeeally support the Idea. In freshdesk you also have the ability to sign in with Twitter, Google or Facebook. I love the Idea of SSO because this right now is a real mess and I am pretty sure, that the managers of the Websites are concerned about that.

I got 3 E-Mail adresses right now, one private, one for spam, gaming stuff and other random crap and one business adress and to be honest, I forgot which adress I entered in which parts of the Overwolf Website. I want to make them all use the business one but that's sadly not even possible in freshdesk, not mentioning the private Developer Database.

@Colorfulstan Sorry, I recently changed my E-Mail Adress on the forums and I can not confirm, that freshdesk and the forum have the same accounts.

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