[solved] Publicly available List of Game Ids

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is there a maintained list of all gameIds used by overwolf for supported games?



Solution: Game Ids can be found within  "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Overwolf.GamesList.xxxxxxx.xml"

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Here is our top 30 list (will be published soon on the dev site)


Game ID Game Title

5426 League of Legends

8032 Minecraft

7764 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

9898 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

10844 Overwatch

765 World of Warcraft

6365 World Of Tanks

10760 Grand Theft Auto V

7314 Dota 2

10798 Rocket League

1406 Garrys Mod

9208 ARMA 3

10470 Unturned

3026 Team Fortress 2

10778 ARK: Survival Evolved

10624 Heroes of the Storm

1340 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer

10156 Rust

9866 Battlefield 4

7364 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

7152 Diablo III

3683 Osu!

9694 PAYDAY 2

10772 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

7856 Guild Wars 2

7784 Warface

8584 Euro Truck Simulator 2

10114 DayZ

9126 War Thunder

6738 Terraria

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8 hours ago, BetaLeaf said:

See the GameList at %LocalAppData%\Overwolf\GamesList.8963035.xml (The number at the end may change in the future)

Good find, thanks.

Maybe a link within the developlment Tools for overwolf would be a good solution for the moment!?

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It would be good to have a list of all the games, I remember when I made the TeamSpeak app that connected to servers and channels based on what game was being played, I had to go down the entire list of supported games: and then use getRunningGameInfo() and check it against the list! 


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The propaply best long term solution would be if this list would be available through the overwolf api. It could include all relevant info like gamelaunch id and the infos shown on the supported games site, what would allow it to be the single source of truth used to generate things like the supported games page etc.

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18 hours ago, Colorfulstan said:

So it's definatly possible and jsut needs implementation and integration ;)

Thanks @TheLexoPlexx

No problem, I just forgot where I got that file from xD It was somewhere in the Overwolf-Folder, a xml file.
Also I thought about making that some kind of API you could easily add to your App. But I need a xml to json converter that works for this file. To parse and access it easier in Javascript.

If you like, you can go to the hidden.html that file reads the json file but BE CAREFUL, since those files are larger than 2MB. I converted the original xml file to json using a website but a working implementation of a live conversion would be really amazing. Maybe I'll start a public git  ;)


#EDIT: Found the file again: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Overwolf.GamesList.xxxxxxx.xml"

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