[Fixed] Redundant Data from Apps cluttering AppData

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Edit: latest update fixed the behaviour (only keeping the current + latest version of the app)


Hey there,

there is (imo) a big problem with the file-management of the overwolf Client regarding Apps / App-versions.

If you take a look within %HOME%\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Extensions\
there are all installed overwolf-Apps located.

Within the folders for every App (/ggfmakpbllghoepnmfelddbminamnbmfelbahfdp/ for example) there are folders for the corresponding APP-version.

If a new version for an overwolf App is published, there will be a new Folder created with the files from the new version. But the old redundant version-folders are never removed thus creating a lot of unneccessary data-trash on the harddrive over time.

There is also now indication for the user, that this is actually happening. If an App has 2MB in size and the user installed it 10 versions ago, there are already up to 20 MB unneeded data for a single app on his computer he won't get rid of until uninstalling overwolf (since uninstalling an App leaves all files for the app within the directory above, not even removing the latest version).

And since every new version creates a copy of the App-files, those versions might only include a change within a single line of code creating like 99.9% unneccessary extra data.

I didn't get a reaction for my last post on here, so let's see how it goes this time.


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  • Redundant Files for old overwolf-app versions not removed
  • uninstalling an overwolf App does not remove the corresponding App-files
  • copy of the app-files created for new version, regardless how small a change was made (basically fixed when old versions would be removed)

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I noticed the same thing myself, but I appreciate your more in-depth look into what is actually happening.


I, similar to many other setups, have a small-ish SSD as my system drive (i.e. where %appdata% is) and a larger separate storage HDD. Being in appdata, it takes up unnecessary space from my little space on the SSD. 


I fully agree with you, this should be looked into. 

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