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Hello, Overwolf community! My name is "IamHavok". I'm creating this topic to hopefully help the Overwolf forums out.

I think the Overwolf team should allow a small amount of mature users to volunteer for moderator positions, just to keep the forums safe and clean.I personally have a lot of experience in moderating forums/websites. I was an Assistant Community Manager for a year and a half for a game development studio "PixelBeam". I am no longer working there as an employee but still have the trust from my former co-workers to remain a moderator of the steam forums.

The reason why I am posting this is because there are a lot of spam accounts and I feel that Overwolf users should not be baited into clicking on such links.

Thank you for your time.


- Havok.

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Hello dear wolves! The moderators have been chosen to be: @Colorfulstan and @Jonas. I hope they know what is right and wrong and us a safe passage to destiny.

----------------------------------------------------------CASE CLOSED---------------------------------------------------------------

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