Lineage II + OW.

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I can't believe the OverWolf overlay works in Lineage II now.

OverWolf told me one time it never would be possible same as no other overlay works with this game or it gets read as a hacking tool.

Went to check out an old L2 server to see what everyone was up to with OW open and was shocked to see it pop up after the game went full screen.


Great work.

Gratz and thanx!

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It might have just been a fluke of chance on the one private server I went to check on.

I will check it out when I got a min. and see if it works on one I still have installed now and is online.

I am also going to check out a new server in the next few days so will see if it works on that one also.

I have not been on NA. retail in a couple yrs. now.

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