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I have a cool idea for an Overwolf app. About that, I'd like to know if the following stats are going to be available any time in the future through the Lol API:

  • armor penetration (flat and percentual)
  • magic penetration
  • critical chance
  • lifesteal
  • spell vamp
  • cooldown reduction
  • atk range
  • tenacity

Plus the standard stats such as: AD, AP, atk speed etc.

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What do you mean exactly, your current stats?

As far as I understand the implementation for the gold-values within the overwolf API this would only be possible for values that are shown on screen. So if you would hide the stats in your HUD it would not work anymore and therefore from my personal understanding it will be unlikely that all stats will be available from the overwolf API.

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Hi, thanks for your reply!

I'm not totally sure that OW API works by reading the data on screen. As far as I know, for example, the number of neutral minions killed isn't availalbe through the HUD, but it's still accessible from APIs. I guess that APIs may work by reading logs of the game. Back to my question, I don't know if these logs include also the stats I'm looking for, so I don't know if a more complete API would be possible to develop.

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