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Contest conclusion

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Counting the LED contest, this will be the third contest I am part of... and the conclusions always let me with an odd feeling ... it's like, these are the winners, we have skipped the categories and will give prizes to the apps that we think were the best ones, f*** y** all, and nothing more...
I would like to know more, like what the judges opinions were, what they liked about the apps, what they don't liked and what they thought that could be improved, etc.

And above all, I would like to know when and where the winners will be anounced (web, twitch stream, or whatever, and the exact time, 12:00 PST).

That's all.

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Hey goodbyte,

Thanks for the feedback. We definitely don't want to give the impression that only the challenge winners are important to us. The development process of every app is appreciated and I'll make sure everyone will get a proper feedback for their work.

Thank you!

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