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hi! I've been running into some problems with the old NPAPI git repo, and I need it since I'm using some old code I wrote a few years back.

the sample is running sort-of-fine, sometimes it does and other times it doesn't (requires a restart of overwolf, or a navigator.plugins.refresh(), not very consistent- but once it's loaded, it's loaded for the rest of the app's lifespan, including overwolf restarts).
the DLL from the sample is running fine on other projects also. 
but when I compile a DLL on my own (even when i recompile the sample projects' dll), nothing happens, and it returns that "echo" is not a recognized function (i.e. plugin is not loaded) 

The old code is supposed to work since we're making an XPCOM component and awesomium(the UI backend) still supports these(afaik). 
what might be the problem? might it be the version of my xulrunner-sdk(which is 41.0.2) ? anything else i might need to be aware of using the "deprecated" sample as a skeleton?


Compilation is done using MSVS2010 with Gecko 3.6.28 under windows 10 64bit . 

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