Requesting new 3rd party Web API

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3rd Party web-apis usualy don't need extra implementation work on overwolf's side, you should just be able to use them through regular requests from within your app.

There might be trouble regarding the origin host when talking about authentication and you might need to proxy that through your own server to make it work (there are other possibilities but im not sure where to find them right now, there was some thread regarding facebook or twitter or sth. on here a while ago I think)

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Hi Scooter! and welcome to the community :)  
The listed APIs are just suggestions from the Overwolf team to make you excited about the possibilities of creating an app for Overwolf,
these are all 3rd-party APIs and are not implemented in Overwolf's platform.

good luck :)  

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Hello dear youngling wolf, I don't posess so much knowledge in the code what OW uses but you might be good with my info here:

Browser uses:
Chromium based functionality so often when you visit you'll get a little notice to update it.
still support npapi

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