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@Staff if you think this message shouldn't be on this board because of the partnership with TeamSpeak feel free to remove it or move it to Offtopic.


So I decided to create a Discord Server for Overwolf plugin developers and users to have a more direct way to ask for help or get feedback than this currently 'dead' forum.

Of course the staff is also invited to join if they want to :)

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It seems a bit too much to me to email someone to get invited in such a big community. The discord is always available for everyone. Registering on a forum or writing a email is effort most people are not willing to do and try alternative products instead.

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if you think so, but the overwolf dev team is on there and about 100 community devs.

If you want to build an open overwolf dev community go for it, sure.

If writing an email is too much effort for a developer I don't think I even want to be in the same community though :P

Edit: seems I missed the point that you want it to be not developers only, so sure, discord is better for that then.
The title implies it's a carbon copy of the slack community

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