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Hey guys - First post, first time using Overwolf. 

Quickly before I get into it - I had Overwolf installed specifically to give me a list of people talking / entering / exiting channels in TS while I'm in World of Tanks. I mostly wanted an over lay because I joined a new clan and was having a hard time putting names to voices because I couldn't see which name was speaking. 

Anyways, installed Overwolf and it was great. A grey circular box with the persons name in it would show up beside my in-game crosshairs that would form a neat list as people started talking and fade out when they stopped. It would let me know when people joined the channel and left. It was fantastic. Then it stopped working. "Overwolf cannot launch due to missing store files" or some such crap. I thought it was stupid it wouldn't open because it lost the store files, but I figured a reinstall and done. It did sorta work. 

Now with the reinstalled version of Overwolf the overlay pops up in the top left corner and in a dark blue colour. I don't mind the colour but in the top left corner it is covering some of my game elements and menus. How can I move it back to the center of my screen, slightly left of my crosshairs?

Nothing in the options menu relate to the overlay. Any other overlay option seems to refer to an actual window ever present with the channel contents (stupid imo.) Any ideas on how to wiggle it over?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Words and spelling.

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I know this is old post but, I understand from you that you want to move it from top-left corner to center-left, you can do this by hovering on overwolf, a little popup window says "More Apps" just hold with left-click mouse and move it anywhere you want.

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