OVERWOLF causing ping spikes

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I downloaded Overwolf on the February 20, 2017 after it was recommended by a friend. As I first began to use it it worked great for both rocket league and CS:GO, however after a couple hours into playing with Overwolf, I started to have extreme ping spikes going from my usual 30-40 ms into the 400-600 ms range, and that is the first time my internet has ever even gone over 250 ms. I kept Overwolf on my computer until today thinking it was just bad internet connection, but i just uninstalled it from my PC and everything works great again as well as back to my original 30-40 ms. So I'm not sure if this is just a huge coincidence but i believe Overwolf may have been the cause of the lag.

Not sure if i will be downloading Overwolf again, but I just wanted to let you in case it was a problem with Overwolf.

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