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"Critical Alert From microsoft"

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So Uhhh, the only two things I had where overwolf and lolwiz for League. Was in the middle of a league game when the Overwolf browser popped up with the "Critical Alert From Microsoft" crap. Pretty much this exact thing

So Overwolf is uninstalled till that gets figured out. Just for the first time downloaded it a few days ago. Was loving it, but not if I'm getting virus pop ups in the middle of my games.

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Hey @Asheko!

Thank you for contacting us :)

It would appear that this is related to some wrong ad showing on Lolwiz. 
We stopped all ads from running on Lolwiz and are currently looking into it.

It's extremely important to us (not just as 'Overwolf', but as gamers ourselves) to not have any intrusive ads.
We take this very seriously and will update you soon.

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