Insecure Password Reset Page for Overwolf App.

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I just had to reset my password for Overwolf App. My Browser tells me the Overwolf Password Reset page is insecure ...
It should be https I think, but it is not. 
I tried adding https:// but no joy. 
Ideas anyone?


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In Mozilla Firefox for example, I see the image attached. I think both Google Chrome and Mozilla have been upgraded recently to warn of insecure password reset entry.
Raptr have a similar problem.


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No problem.

I have been looking into various alternatives to Raptr (AMD Gaming Evolved)  in the past week and if I find anything I report it to forums.

The Raptr (AMD Gaming Evolved) Rewards Points System is closing down on 4 May 2017  following 1~  month notice. No / little information has been given to
the Raptr (AMD Gaming Evolved) Community regarding the future of the Raptr (AMD Gaming Evolved) Application. Users do not know for sure if they
completely loose their points or can keep them for a future program or whatever. A number of people on the Raptr Forum have a large number of points
saved, in hope of earning a GPU. They have been saving points for years. There is obvious disappointment and frustration on the Raptr Forums about this at the moment. 

I do not think there have been any new game detection files for around 7 months and AMD pulled out of the AMD Gaming Evolved program
at the end of last year, following the AMD Crimson ReLive release. Many Raptr(AMD Gaming Evolved) Users did not realise this as it did not seem to be widely

I do not think that the Game Optimization technology has been worked on much since around the time of "Tom Clancy's The Division" was released. 
It does work for me on various AMD different cards I have tested. 

There are some good features about the Raptr App besides the Rewards Program, and the Game Optimization feature.
Game "optimization settings" is now handled within some games now  anyhow.

The Raptr Community Interface is nice and game tracking still works. The ability to post Videos/Snapshots/Chat interface is good compared to others I have seen so far. Some people prefer to work within one App, rather than logging into a web page online.

Raptr (AMD Gaming Evolved) also comes with Plays.TV. integration and optional Plays.TV Installation. I have been a Plays.TV user for years.
I have been working on a comparison of Plays.TV versus AMD Crimson ReLive and I have had some crossfire and stability bugs fixed in Plays.TV over past weeks.
Plays.TV v1.22.1 build is now working pretty great for me and it also has some nice features.

At present I have looked at RazerCortex, Overwolf, Rapr(Intel Version), Twitch Desktop App, Curse, Evolve, and PlayClaw 5 Plus. I have requested Evolve 2.0 Beta Access but no joy yet.

They are all different, and each have their strong points but none seem to offer a combination of everything needed at present. 


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