TeamSpeak Overlay not working!

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I use overwolf pretty much just for the ts3 overlay that shows names while in-game....and now it's gone!

I just updated ts3 to the newest version and everytime I lunch my game overwolf dock lunches as well and then i click on the team speak overwolf app and I can open my ts in-game too

but when i click channel to see who is inside i get this error : Connection Error....Make sure the TS3 "Control plugin"plug-in is enabled,and restart TS3

I tried everything...reinstalling ts and overwolf,running as admin,re-download plugins....and so on.

Please fix this because i really like the notifications in-game because when there is 15 people in the channel i have no idea who's talking :)

Thanks in Advance Guys!



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Hey @Djani555!

Have you maybe tried these steps?:

  1. Launch the TeamSpeak3 client
  2. Open the settings tab, press on the plugin
  3. Uncheck the "TeamSpeak 3 control plugin"
  4. Re-check it
  5. Press the "Reload All" button (in the bottom of the window)

Please let me know if you need any further assistance :)

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Hey there @Djani555 !

Sorry for the late response,

Please check out our supported games list, if the game you're playing is not on this list then it won't work for you.

One more thing,

I noticed you're running Razer Synapse with their data tracking feature, it prevents Overwolf from showing in games.
Please check out this article on our knowledge base for further information.
@Giminni, hi :) Please also check out the instructions above.

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