How do I change my email address for my Overwolf App Account?

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I've just re-installed the Overwolf app with my G510 Keyboard after an absence.  I am just about to change my Internet Provider, and when I do the address registered will disappear, so i need to change it to my new one before I do.  I've looked at all of the settings, but can't see any way to change the email address. Could you please advise what i need to do.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey RayvenUK
You Need to select your Name on the top right of this Website. There is a Dropdown menu Close to your Name.

If you click there you will find "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" and here you can Change your email adress.

See Picture attached.




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Hey @RayvenUK,

Thank you for reaching out :)

If you were referring to changing your email here on the forums, then you can follow the instructions written by awesome @Gerald .

In case you meant your Overwolf account email (attached to your Overwolf login username), Either I or @LEOkonami can help you with that. Please contact us via your current registered email at support@overwolf.com (to prove that it's really you) and tell us your new email address. We will change it for you :)

You can add the link to this thread in your email, so whoever sees you email first will know what you need.

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