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Raptr is Closing Down on 30 September and Raptr Users would like help to migrate to Overwolf please.

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Raptr is Closing Down and Users are looking to move to alternatives now. 
I and many others on the Raptr Community have until 30 September to download GamePlay Data and get off Raptr. 
I performed and in depth review of what Gaming Apps are available. 

I have advised other Raptr Users on the AMD Community (89,729,123 Members apparently ... ) that the following Apps are the only viable alternative at present. 

1. Razer Cortex. 

2. Overwolf. 

More information here.

I have Posted here:

Raptr are currently allowing existing Raptr Users to download a file called my_playtime.json which contains their gaming data. 

The most pressing need that Raptr Users have at the moment is some way to upload that data correctly into either Razer Cortex or Overwolf. 
This is not currently supported in Razer Cortex or Overwolf. 

I have also started to to investigate the following site:

I am able to upload some of my Raptr game information to that site but the game time played is not currently imported correctly. 

I have already contacted Overwolf Support about this issue and I have sent them my Raptr my_playtime.json file. 
If manage to fix the import and tracking of Raptr Gameplay Data is there any way Overwolf could produce an app to at least interface to their site? 

Thank you. 

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Sophie from the Overwolf team here.

As we discussed together by email, we are currently considering it. As you know, it is currently impossible to import your Raptr gametime which means that if this  were to happen, it would probably take a bit of time.

As Chris from our Support team announced on the Raptr forums, this has been forwarded to our HQs and will definitely be discussed. We do not know yet if it will happen but the community and support departments are definitely doing their best to explain the importance of your request to all the departments.

In the meantime, again, we would really appreciate if you could remove the instructions to create support cases to Overwolf about this matter as we are aware of it and it is flooding our support team. 

As always, we will update the community it this becomes possible in the future.

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