linking overwolf to social media crashes app

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I need help :(

When i go to accounts - settings and try to sign in to facebook or youtube it crashes the app, i did sign in to twitter ok and this has not happened in the past. Only facebook and something in the api in the past but it did not crash the app.

It's weird lol, Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

social links overwolf.jpg

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9 hours ago, ChriSKate said:

This has nothing to do with Overwolf :)

Overwolf is web-based, doesn't concern your hard drive.

Anything that is installed in a hard drive concerns it :), but i was not blaming the app in any way as it seems you understood. What i was meaning is that maybe part of the files that are locally installed could have been in the sectors that went bad and that could have been the culprit of it crashing the app when i tried to link my social accounts. I like your avatar by the way.

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