Overwolf crashes Arma 3

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I have had an issue with another overlay application with Arma 3, but I was able to make it work because it had some extra options that Overwolf does not have. The overlay program that I have issues with was RivaTuner Statistics Server. At first, it did not work, but it has the option to make a custom profile for any program where you can enable "Stealth Mode" and "Custom Direct3D support".

So maybe you guys in Overwolf can implement something similar.

Arma 3 RivaTuner Statistics Server.PNG

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Hey @SekiGamer,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

I just tested Arma3 with Overwolf and it didn't crash, everything worked properly.

We do however have a known issue running both Overwolf and Rivatuner at the same time with games.

Can you please try running Overwolf and Arma3 without Rivatuner?

Please let me know how it goes :)

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